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3 Ideas to Enhance Your Custom Theatre Rooms

Home Theatre Solutions Solves Some Commonly Overlooked Issues in Your Edmonton, AB Home Theatre

3 Ideas to Enhance Your Custom Theatre Rooms

When you envision an amazing dedicated home theatre in Edmonton, AB, you probably think of an excellent 4K projector, immersive surround sound, and watching your favorite summer blockbusters in a cozy chair. But custom theatre rooms are more than just the sum of their parts – they fully envelope you in a cinematic world. To do that it takes more than just the most up-to-date technology. You have to pay attention to every detail. This blog will shine a light on some of the most commonly overlooked aspects of home theatre design, and where you can improve and enhance yours for an unforgettable experience.

Choose the Right Seating

The seating in your custom theatre room should do more than just give you a place to lounge while you watch a flick. It should work with your sound system and film screen to enhance your overall experience. Seat placement should be determined before everything else because it will affect the size of your screen and the way your surround sound system is set up. In addition, choosing the right material – one that doesn’t reflect light and disrupt the image – is crucial so that you remain feeling comfortable but are still entertained without distraction. In fact, you could say what you sit on in your custom theatre room is almost as important as what you watch.

See Better with Effective Lighting

Ideally, there would be little to no light in your custom theatre room. However, it’s important to remember that even a dedicated space still needs to be a functioning one. Individual lighting zones can be lit overhead if anyone needs to get up during the movie, so disruption can be minimized. Alternatively, we can install floor track lighting that illuminates a path for you during the movie but remains soft enough to prevent glare on the screen. You can even integrate all of the room’s components together to create the perfect movie setting so the floor lighting comes on as the overhead lights dim, the screen comes down, and the movie starts – all with the touch of a single button! 

Determine Your Screen Color

The right color choice of your walls, chairs, and other furnishings is important to reduce glare, but did you know the color of you projector screen is also crucial? You could choose the industry standard white, which reflects back the brightest image. Or you could choose a high-contrast dark grey or black version, which only reflects back the light from the projector and achieves the deepest and truest blacks. Your room’s specific lighting conditions will also play a part in which screen color is best. Our professional team will help you determine the perfect screen for your home theatre based on the interior design, layout, and performance goals.

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