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3 Ways to Increase Your Property’s Value

Why Smart Home Automation is Worth the Investment

3 Ways to Increase Your Property’s Value

Interest in smart home automation is on the rise all over the world, including Edmonton, Alberta. According to a survey by Better Homes and Gardens this year, 64% of millennials are interested in having smart technology in their homes. In addition, the National Association of Realtors says that this generation has the largest share of potential home buyers. So if you are in the market to buy a home, or sell a home, smart home automation is a definite plus and can be your ally in the bidding war. 

Technology definitely adds value to your property, and can increase the price point when you decide to sell. And if you are building your first home, it’s an investment that is well worth it for the future payout.

Here are our top 3 smart home investments that can add some value to your home’s price tag.

Whole House Music

Music is definitely a must-have in any home. And when you have a whole house music system, the people who walk in the front door definitely say “wow, that’s awesome.” Speakers installed in the ceiling save space while making your home seem sleek and stylish. It’s incredibly convenient to be able to access all kind of music from a phone or tablet control mounted on the wall so anyone can pick an artist in every room and enjoy. Wireless speakers may be positioned anywhere, but they offer little financial value to your property. Hardwired, in-wall speakers are an investment because you can’t take them with you.  So a whole house music system will definitely be included in the overall value of your house.

Automated Lighting

Lighting controls are another way to make your home even more luxurious and up to date. Older homes tend to have basic lighting controls like switches, and sometimes even hanging pull-on switches which are cumbersome to use. By installing dimmers, sensors and new lighting fixtures, your home automatically becomes more valuable. Homebuyers love the convenience of being able to turn on lights remotely, and dimmers add a nice touch to every room. Lighting controls are not only convenient, but are also energy efficient. The buyer will be able to save more money by easily controlling all the light in the home. This smart solution is a more affordable way to instantly add value to your house.

Climate Control

Smart thermostats are another affordable solution that is attractive to home buyers. Even though some of the older models can be programmed to follow a schedule, they can be very difficult to figure out and use. Newer thermostats are easy to use and take a lot of the guesswork out of the process. A climate control system can save you hundreds of dollars each year, so it’s a worthwhile investment for any homeowner and many people look for these kind of features in a house.

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