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Add Beauty and Benefits with Remote Control Shades

Home Theatre Solutions Has Different Shades for Every Environment

Add Beauty and Benefits with Remote Control Shades

When you first move into a home, or build a new one, the first thing you usually do is add curtains to the windows. Naked windows and bare walls make a room look empty and void. Plus, drapes give you a lot of needed privacy, enable you to take naps during the day or sleep in, and take the glare off of TV and computer screens.

Home Theatre Solutions can help add beauty and a lot of amazing benefits to your home in Sherwood Park, Alberta. You might be surprised by all of the solutions we have to offer.

Add to Your Interior Design

The fabric, color, and style you choose makes a statement. It also controls the amount of light you let into a room. You could put a darker, thicker fabric in the bedroom for privacy and extra coverage. Then add a light, sheer drape in the living room. For an office or storage space, use a standard roller shade.

Our team offers shading in a variety of patterns and colors. We also have connections with interior designers if you need additional help designing the look of your room. Whatever style you decide to go with, whether it’s modern, vintage, or country, we have the ability and expertise to power your décor with automation so that your room has a nice look and perfect operation.

Take Control of Your Surroundings

Managing your drapes or shades doesn’t have to be limited to one control in your house. Our motorized shades can be activated with remote controls, keypads, wireless tabletop controls, or set to adjust automatically according to daylight sensors or specific times. With us, you get to decide what’s most convenient and makes sense in your home.

If you already have an existing control system complete with access to entertainment, surveillance, and more, we can integrate the shades into the system so that you have access to everything in one place. Bring up an app on your phone, tablet, computer or in-wall touch screen, and you can easily lift and lower them throughout the day.

Save on Time, Energy, and Effort

Take advantage of natural light by letting it warm your home. Alternatively, in the summer, lower the shades to block out sunlight, keeping your home cooler. One great advantage of using newer models of shading systems is that you can install transparent fabrics that block out harmful UV rays, but still filter some light into the room. In addition, coordinating your shades with dimmers can help you reduce costs on utilities.

Want to learn more about the convenience of installing remote control shades? Give our team a call, we’d love to get you started.