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Boost Your Business By Installing a Reliable Network

Home Theatre Solutions Enhances Your Business with Boardroom Technology

Boost Your Business By Installing a Reliable Network

In a business landscape that has become increasingly mobile, and with technology making it easier to share large amounts of data across all platforms, the quality of a company’s network can make or break its productivity. Make sure your Edmonton, Alberta business space has a strong Internet connection to support all business activities, from simply checking emails to videoconferencing with people across the globe. Home Theatre Solutions can meet all your needs with boardroom technology and a reliable network system that is efficient, reliable and secure.

Manage Data Traffic on Your Network

The main features you want from any network are speed and reliability. Most standard networks are not equipped with the bandwidth required for new electronics. Whether you want to share data with employees or install full commercial automation, you need a strong network to carry the signal without significant lags or errors.

You can bolster a network by having a professional like us install switches, routers and wireless access points. Switches help allocate resources by creating networks that carry specific kinds of traffic. Your routers then choose the best path for each network to follow in order to carry data as quickly as possible. Wireless access points extend the reach of your router so there is remote access throughout your space.

Defend Your Office from Virtual Attacks

It’s not enough to have a quick network; it is just as vital to ensure your connection is secure. For many people, the biggest concern when it comes to installing a ‘connected’ home or office has to do with potential hackers getting valuable information. In a commercial environment, it is essential that only the right data is being shared and only the appropriate users have access.

We offer a variety of security solutions to protect your company. State-of-the art malware protection monitors PCs, laptops and virtual environments with in-depth analysis to quickly detect, contain and resolve problems. Adaptive firewalls protect your network and cloud from unauthorized access and give you up-to-date information on the users and applications on your network and what they are doing there.

Enhance Collaboration in the Office

Once you have installed a reliable and secure network, you can enjoy the many business perks a boardroom automation system has to offer. One of the greatest benefits is how it increases collaboration among your staff. Create collaboration desks and rooms in your office equipped with HD screens and smart audio so you can communicate with anyone at a moment’s notice. Impress prospective clients with quality presentations and conferences that run smoothly without frozen images, lagging sound or connection failures.

Want to enhance your business’ efficiency and security? Contact Home Theatre Solutions to install a network system in your Alberta space.