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Feel Safe at All Hours with Security & Surveillance Solutions

How Savant Security & Surveillance Helps Keep You Safe at Home in Edmonton, Alberta

Feel Safe at All Hours with Security & Surveillance Solutions

When you have a security and surveillance system, home is always just one touch away. Today, security cameras are smarter than ever before. You can capture video footage at any angle, and with greater detail, from anywhere in the world. In this blog, we’ll show you the main features of Savant home security and the ways you can feel secure in your Edmonton, Alberta home at all times.

New Cameras Capture Every Detail

We use IC Realtime surveillance cameras because they are the leader in security technology, offering the most sophisticated products on the market. They recently released the IC 720 which can record images 360 degrees around a space. Not only does it omit blind spots, but you’ll also feel immersed in the scene as you watch footage in full HD. With a simple and inconspicuous design, visitors and strangers alike won’t easily notice it on the walls. We can install cameras in just a few key places, like the backyard or front door, or everywhere on your entire property. There’s no limit to what our team can do.

Full Integration with Your Smart Home Gives Complete Control

There are various security cameras on the market that offer both wireless viewing and control. However, when you have multiple cameras in your home, you need to integrate them into a smart control system. It’s far easier to manage video footage, alarms, and more when you have just one simple app on your phone or tablet.

We can integrate your cameras and alarm system into your smart home so that all of your controls are in one place and can work together. Savant allows you to tie any home feature you like to another so you can do multiple things at once in one touch. For example, you could create and save a setting to arm the alarm, start the cameras, lock all the doors, and turn off the lights by hitting one button when you leave the house.

Mobile Controls Give You More Options

When your system is wireless, you could be anywhere—even in another country—and check in on your infant sleeping or dog in the backyard. Savant also allows you to tailor your notifications the way you want to, so you can receive alerts any time a camera detects movement, or only when there is a major emergency, like a break-in. IC Realtime also offers “My Cloud” as a service to store all the captured video online, instead of a local hard drive. All the footage won’t take up precious space on your computer, and you can view recordings at any time, or watch it live! You can also relax knowing that everything is saved securely, so no one else can see what you do.

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