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Getting Started with Restaurant and Bar Audio/Video Systems

Choose the Perfect Audio and Video System for Your Sherwood Park Restaurant

Getting Started with Restaurant and Bar Audio/Video Systems

Whether you’re starting a new restaurant in the Sherwood Park area or are simply trying to boost business with upgrades to your established Alberta eatery, restaurant audio and video systems are a must-have for the modern dining experience. Not only do they improve customer satisfaction, but the streamlined automation technologies available today can actually save your staff time and effort. Before you get into the nitty gritty details about restaurant and bar audio/video specifications, the first step to designing your restaurant’s perfect system starts with two high-level choices:

Choose Your Style
The type of audio and video system you choose will ultimately determine the feel you want for your bar or restaurant. For sports bars, an interactive display of Ultra HD 4K TVs lining the walls are fitting, but for more intimate restaurants, you’ll want a subtle audio and video system. One of the benefits of commercial automation solutions is that we can design your audio and video system to be completely hidden until you want it visible. It truly can be customized for any style or atmosphere.

In addition, video displays aren’t just for showing Sunday night football. You can put video displays to work for a variety of purposes, from showing the menu to highlighting the night’s drink specials to enabling interactive menu orders. By choosing the style and purpose of your audio and video system, it can truly be customized for any style or atmosphere.

Choose Your Control
Your restaurant staff shouldn’t require hours of training just to be able to operate your audio and video system. Once you integrate all the components of your system together—speakers, TVs, and even the HVAC and security—your commercial automation solution can be managed from a single remote.

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Our recommendation for audio/video control is the Savant remote. It replaces all of the remotes for your audio and video devices and gives you one simple handheld device. The remote has a touch screen for easy selection of settings, and you can even customize different scenes so that a single button enacts desired changes all at once. For example, you could have a “Closing Time” button that immediately turns off all the video displays, audio, lighting and more.

This high-level overview of audio and video options doesn’t scratch the surface of the automation possibilities for your Sherwood Park, Alberta bar or restaurant. To learn more about the specific devices and controls that will be the perfect fit for your restaurant, give one of our audio/video experts a call at (780) 439-2004 or fill out this quick questionnaire.