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Home Theatre Solutions is Your Local, CEDIA Certified Smart Home Expert

Enjoy the Professionalism and Efficiency of a CEDIA Certified Installer

Home Theatre Solutions is Your Local, CEDIA Certified Smart Home Expert

Whether you are planning to enhance an existing home, or build a new one with top-of-the-line smart home automation technology, there’s no better way to guarantee a successful project that with a CEDIA certified installer. The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association awards certification only to the professionals who have demonstrated their skills and expertise throughout all aspects of home technology integration. It means that the installer is credible, professional and capable of providing you with the best service. You also gain peace of mind knowing that your project will be completed to your exact specifications on time and within your budget. Read on to find out the ways a CEDIA certified installer is the right choice for your custom electronics project.

Integrate Systems Seamlessly

Very few homes are fully automated with a single manufacture’s products. The fact is, to achieve total home automation you will likely need a variety of components from a variety of makers that work together for complete convenience. And only a CEDIA certified installer is capable of seamlessly integrating the disparate components in your house into a single, fluid system.

Imagine: on the first floor of your home you have a robust, fully automated, hardwired lighting system by Vantage. From the comfort of your couch, you can take command of the lighting in every room. However, because of the particular design of your house, a wireless Savant lighting system was necessary on the upper floors. Integrating these two distinct lighting control systems can be a complex project--one that requires the utmost professionalism and skill. A CEDIA integrator is fully equipped to handle this kind of project, giving you total control of your whole home’s lighting and other features from a single interface on your tablet or smartphone.

Professional Collaboration

Of course, your systems aren’t the only part of a home automation installation that require total integration; everyone working on the project should collaborate fluidly in order to achieve the best outcome possible. Installers rarely work in a vacuum: architects, contractors, builders and designers generally have to work together in order to bring a project to fruition. By choosing a CE professional with a CEDIA certification, you know that they can cooperate with everyone on the job site to ensure a successful outcome.

A CEDIA certified installer guarantees higher quality, a professional attitude and greater satisfaction. Contact us to begin your Sherwood Park, AB smart home automation project today.