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How Can the Right Audio Video System Boost Your Business?

Home Theatre Solutions Can Enhance Your Edmonton Bar or Restaurant

How Can the Right Audio Video System Boost Your Business?

These days it’s not enough to simply boast the best drinks or food in town. It’s about creating a memorable night for your patrons, whether it’s a romantic playlist heard in the background during a first date or creating stadium atmosphere in a sports bar during Oilers games. Looking to make your Edmonton, Alberta bar or restaurant stand out? The right audio and video systems in your bar or restaurant can help you create an unforgettable experience.

Create a Good First Impression

The long-lasting success of your business will come down to the quality of your product. There’s no denying it. No amount of technology will mask the taste of an undercooked steak or an over-poured cocktail. But how do you draw people in to take the first bite? One great way is to put up a digital sign: captivating content displayed on large screens that will attract passersby.

Many large sports bars, for example, will broadcast games on large video walls on the outside of their property. People get invested watching the game as they walk by and are more likely to enter for a drink to finish it. But you don’t have to have a flashy video for digital signage to work. Think of a small Italian bistro. A digital sign with beautiful images of the Italian countryside playing on loop can entice patrons to come in for a hearty pasta dish and a bottle of wine. You can also easily display menus and change them quick and easy to highlight specials or seasonal dishes.

Create Distinct Listening Zones

Not all of your patrons are going to have the same tastes, which is why a well-thought out audio video system in your bar or restaurant can help you create distinct entertainment zones. This way you can appeal to multiple groups at once. Let’s say there’s a small gastropub in the city that features a local artist every Saturday night. At the same time, it’s a popular stop for regulars looking to watch the Oilers. With 82 regular season NHL games plus (hopefully) the playoffs, the two groups will invariably overlap.

While some regulars will also be fans of the live music, there are many people that are put off by the loudness. This can be easily resolved with the way you design your space. With strategic planning when it comes to speaker placement and room acoustics, it is possible to isolate sounds. The back corner of the bar can enjoy the live performance while the people at the bar listen to the game comfortably.

Delight Guests With Quick Control

Incorporate the system into your commercial automation solution for easy control from a touchpad or smartphone. If a patron wants to change the channel on an unused TV, don’t risk looking unprofessional sifting through remotes to make the change. Quickly pull up the TV controls on an iPad to adjust the channel or volume.

With smart controls, it is also easy to transform your space in a matter of seconds. If your restaurant transitions into a bar, make the change seamlessly with a pre-set scene. These scenes allow you to make multiple changes at once. For example, a “Nightlife” scene can turn down the volume on your TVs, dim the lights, raise the volume of your background music and start a new playlist.

Are you ready to expand your brand and create a more memorable experience for guests? Contact Home Theatre Solutions today to enhance the audio and video in your bar or restaurant.