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How Do You Use Automated Lighting Control to Save Energy?

Home Theatre Solutions shows Sherwood Park, AB families how to make their home green with automated lighting and shading

How Do You Use Automated Lighting Control to Save Energy?

Are you interested in saving energy and making your home greener? Home Theatre Solutions is especially adept at helping residents in Sherwood Park and around the Alberta area equip their homes with green technology.

Lighting and shade control are great ways to save energy and money.
By investing in smart home automation in these two ways, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint for years into the future and supporting a movement to help conserve energy. Here are the ways lighting and shading make your home green.

Energy Monitoring

A smart grid can show you exactly how much energy is being used in the house on a daily basis. You’ll be able to easily identify areas where you can modify energy usage over long periods of time.

We also offer control of lighting, shading, HVAC, and plug-in devices. The smart grid receives messages from your electricity provider to incorporate statistics on utility bills and energy trends. If you’re using too much energy in a certain area, your system can make cut-backs. You have the option of either letting the system manage energy needs by controlling shades and lights, or you could analyze the data yourself and manually make adjustments. Either way, you’re going to reduce your carbon footprint.

Occupancy and Daylight Sensors

Have you ever forgotten to turn off the lights in a room? Many people simply don’t take the time to make sure lights or appliances are off in the house when they leave a certain area. Occupancy sensors do the remembering for you by sensing movement in any space and turning off lights.

Daylight sensors work in a similar way by detecting how much sunlight is in a room and then dimming artificial lights accordingly. By lifting motorized shades at peak daylight hours and using natural light, you’ll be able to use this technology to maximize savings. Home Theatre Solutions professionals can install sensors in the wall or the ceiling so you won’t even notice them.

Convenient Controls

If you already have a control system in place to manage your home, but haven’t added lighting or shading, we can integrate these solutions into your system.

For example, if you have a Savant control system, your lights and shades can be easily incorporated into an existing system. You can also download an app onto your mobile device and control lights and shades remotely. Going away on vacation and want to make sure everything is off? With one touch, you can make sure you’re not wasting precious electricity.

Are you ready to go green and join the movement of sustainability and environmental concern? Home automation can make it easy for you. Contact us for a complete energy-saving design.