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How Smart Home Automation Creates a Family Environment

How to Use Our Family-Friendly Solutions

How Smart Home Automation Creates a Family Environment

We have no doubt that raising a family is challenging today. You have to manage and balance everyone’s schedules as well as try to maintain your goals of creating healthy meals, getting homework done, and getting a good night’s sleep. Believe it or not, your smart home can help, whether you have a newborn or a house full of teenagers. Here’s how our smart home automation services can help you raise a family in the Sherwood Park, Alberta area.

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Create the Perfect Environment for Kids

Don’t worry about recreating the exact conditions when you finally get your newborn to fall asleep. With a Savant system, you can save the settings in the room into a scene labeled ‘Nursing’ or ‘Goodnight’ to quickly recreate the light, audio and temperature settings that soothed your baby to sleep. You can edit the scene at any time in case you find new combinations that work better.

Fast-forward 10 years and it’s time to wake your kids up and get them ready for school. You can make a ‘Wake up’ scene that turns on the lights and favorite songs in their rooms to get them out of bed on time. One added benefit is that the system turns everything on at exactly the right time so you don’t have to face their unruly morning behavior. We also have intercom systems so you can talk to your kids through the audio and see what they are up to. If they aren’t brushing their teeth, gently remind them using the system.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Every Family Member

How many times have your kids promised to call you as soon as they got home then left you in suspense for hours? With our surveillance cameras, integrated into your Savant smart home, you’ll receive an alert on your phone every time someone enters or leaves the house. While your boys and girls are home alone, you can watch live video feeds via your home surveillance cameras remotely so you know that they are safe no matter where you are. These cameras are useful for keeping an eye on pets too.

With whole house audio and video, you can also track what is being watched in every room from a mobile device like a tablet, making it difficult for your kids to view inappropriate channels or programs and change parental settings. If your children start playing the music a little too loud, you can always lower it from your own mobile device or in-wall touch screen. You’ll have all the controls in the palm of your hands at all times.

Provide an Exciting Family Activity

All the hard work finally pays off when you get to bring everyone together on a lazy Sunday afternoon. However, it may be a little difficult to pry people away from their respective rooms. Which is why it helps to offer activities that can generate excitement for everyone in the family.

Create a ‘movie time’ scene for the whole family to enjoy with in a dedicated home theatre or media room. Take the party outside during the summer months by playing video by the pool or a fun music playlist.

Home automation is about making your daily life simple, and we know for parents there’s nothing more important than keeping children safe and having family fun too. Contact us and we’ll customize your smart home to meet the needs of your growing family.