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How to Achieve the Best Sound in Your Custom Home Theatre

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How to Achieve the Best Sound in Your Custom Home Theatre

There are two main functions of a custom home theatre: looking great and sounding impeccable. While video displays become more faultless by the hour thanks to developments like 4K Ultra HD and high dynamic range, sound equipment is just starting to catch up. Dolby Atmos is revolutionizing the way home theatres sound, but there’s more to achieving the best audio in your space than simply buying the latest equipment. Here we’ll answer your questions about how to optimize sound in your Sherwood Park, Alberta home theatre.  

What is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos is a brand new way to listen to your favorite movies and music. It’s different from traditional multi-channel surround sound systems that only allow sound to come from a designated speaker or set of speakers at a time. Atmos does away with the channel system all together, allowing the sound to move freely around the space.

The other major development for a Dolby Atmos sound system is the inclusion of overhead speakers. Sound is no longer limited to forward and rear projection, which creates a completely immersive sonic environment. As objects move across the screen, the sound moves with them – a helicopter taking off starts at one level and seamlessly moves upward – creating a realistic audio experience.

Acoustic Treatments and Sound Proofing: What’s the Difference?

Even if you’ve chosen top-of-the-line Dolby Atmos compatible components, they won’t do much good in a room that can’t conduct sound effectively. Specialized acoustic treatments and sound proofing can be installed to maximize your sound system. But few people know the difference between the two.

Sound proofing prevents sound in a room from disturbing other areas of your house. If you like to play your movies and music at a high volume, you don’t have to worry about bothering your family in the kitchen. Conversely, if there’s a party going on in the dining room and you want to be alone with your media, the noise won’t make a difference to your home theatre experience.

On the other hand, specialized acoustic treatments are designed to keep audio from bleeding out of your space, creating a resonant and robust soundscape. A theatre without acoustic treatments can seem empty or hollow, defeating the purpose of your epic sound system.

Why Does Custom Seating Matter?

Beyond making sure you have good equipment and the right conditions in your room, the right sound can only be achieved through proper seating. This is a frequently overlooked aspect of building an effective home theatre sound system.

The position of your seating is essential to the best sound. Speakers are calibrated with a relatively narrow listening angle, so it’s generally best to choose the position of the seats before deciding on speaker placement. While Dolby Atmos alleviates many of the problems of a traditional sound system, this is still a necessary first step.

Moreover, the height of the seats can affect the way your system sounds. Seatbacks that are too high can block the soundwaves from reaching you, while ones that are too short can become uncomfortable. Select seats that are supportive without disrupting audio.

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