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How to Choose the Right Lighting Controls for Your Alberta Home

Which Bulbs and Controls Should I Choose?

How to Choose the Right Lighting Controls for Your Alberta Home

Which type of light bulb do you typically pick for your St. Albert, Alberta home? What is your lighting control style? Perhaps you’ve never thought about the importance of picking the right type of light bulbs and lighting controls. But Home Theatre Solutions is here to help be your professional guide. Whether you are building a new house, renovating, or just simply want to learn more about the types of lighting available, we have the information you need to make a good decision on your next lighting control project. 

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Light Bulbs

There are so many types of light bulbs these days it can be hard knowing which one is right. In this blog we’ll focus on 3:

Fluorescents: Typically, fluorescents emit a flat, cold light that is bluish and very bright. They are often used in office buildings and stores, however compact fluorescents can be seen in many homes too. The benefit of these types is that they are cheaper and last a long time—about 13 times longer than incandescent light. However, they can cause headaches in some people and have a limited visual spectrum. In a residential setting, fluorescents may be suited for outdoor lighting. Place one by the front or back door, by the pool or fence but they don’t work with dimmers.

LEDs: LED stands for “light-emitting diode. They are very energy efficient and last a long time. Since they emit directional light, they are most suited for under-counter lighting. However newer models include arrays of LEDs put together for general room illumination.

Incandescents: These are the most commonly used light bulbs and oftentimes the least expensive. In comparison to fluorescents, this type of light is warmer and more inviting because it has a wider spectrum similar to sunlight. They can last up to 1,000 hours and work with dimmers. The downside to this type of light is that they are not the most energy efficient.

We can help you decide exactly which type of light is best for every location in your home.

Lighting Automation

Our lighting partner Vantage has automated solutions so you can dim all of your lights and remotely control them from a smartphone or tablet. We’ll help you pick the right controls for every room, whether it’s a simple keypad, or a detailed wall plate. Vantage has tailored keypads that have buttons for “welcome”, “all on” and “all off”. In one touch, you can activate a special setting, or easily turn all the lights in the house off. Vantage keypads can combine LED backlighting in any color and laser engraving with a modern design. Pair these keypads with custom wall plates, and you’ll have lighting controls that are both functional and stylish.

Once the automation technology is in place, we can tie all of the lighting into a Savant or RTI control system. Open the Savant App or RTI interface on your phone or tablet and select from a variety of lighting settings. You can even tie lighting in with a music playlist, shading, or video solutions so that everything comes on at once for a specific occasion.

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