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How to Get Whole House Audio With Wireless Speakers

Enjoy Multi-room Music in Your Edmonton, Alberta Home

How to Get Whole House Audio With Wireless Speakers

Are you living hi-fi? This question was asked in a video by Bluesound. There are many wireless speakers on the market these days, but there truly is nothing like high-fidelity sound once you hear it with your own ears. Home Theatre Solutions is a proud dealer of Bluesound wireless hi-fi speakers and music streaming systems for the Edmonton, Alberta area. Here are some of the amazing features of this whole house audio technology.

The Beauty of Bluesound

The creators of Bluesound are many of the same sound engineers of NAD – the pioneers of hi-fi back in the 70s. Since they weren’t satisfied with the quality of digital music, they set out raise the bar so that audiophiles and music lovers wouldn’t miss out on all that the digital world has to offer and still not sacrifice performance.

In case you need a bit of a music lesson, many common digital files like MP3s are compressed, and have a low bit density. This leaves them sounding hollow and flat when played on hi-fi equipment. CDs feature uncompressed audio at a 16 bit sampling rate, making them sound fuller and more detailed.

HD digital audio, also known as high-res audio, is at 24-bit which delivers sound that is very close to the original recording of the artists. In simplest terms, it is closest to the music as it was intended to hear live. Bluesound believes that you don’t have to be an audiophile to appreciate high-definition sound. What has resulted is top-quality sound and a top-quality system to organize your music and hear it comfortably and stylishly at home.

Wireless Speakers

With Bluesound, you can have high-res music streaming in every room, but also keep all the wireless speakers connected with a whole house audio system. You could start out with Pulse, the all-in-one streaming music system and then easily expand the technology to other places in your home later. This small bookshelf speaker can stream Internet radio stations like Sirius XM and Pandora, as well as your personal music collection on iTunes.

If you want more bass, you can upgrade to a 2.1 system that has a 280 watt peak subwoofer and full-range satellite speakers. All you have to do is simply place the speakers in the rooms you want sound in, and then set up the Bluesound system on your mobile device, like your smartphone or tablet. Select the song or station you want to play and then stream it to one speaker or all of them. The beauty of having a whole house audio system is that you can walk through your home and get consistent sound quality. So, say if you are working from home on a Saturday, like organizing files or cleaning, you can play the same playlist in every room so as you go from the kitchen to the bedroom to the office you don’t miss a beat!

Add Music Streaming to Your Stereo System

If you already have a hi-fi stereo system at home, but want music streaming technology, then go for Bluesound’s Node. You can play your entire music collection as well as music on the Internet, like Spotify and Tidal, on the best quality speakers on the market. Bluesound gives you the best of both worlds by giving you access to all the music in the world and letting you listen to it on your favorite stereo system. The Node is sleek, stylish and can easily be controlled with a mobile device or on a desktop controller for Windows and OS X.

If you’d like to test out these speakers and learn more about Bluesound, please fill out this online contact form.