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Light Up Your Outdoor Spaces with Lighting Control

Make Your Patio the Place You Spend All Your Time this Summer

Light Up Your Outdoor Spaces with Lighting Control

One of the greatest features of the Edmonton area is the beauty of the outdoors. During these warm summer months, it makes sense to get as much enjoyment as possible out of your patio and backyard. A great way to enhance the entertainment value of your outdoor area is by integrating lighting control throughout the space. In this blog, we cover some of the ways you can use lighting control to enhance your property outdoors.

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Light Up Your Parties

An evening get-together out on the verandah goes from fun to fantastic when you have landscape lighting tastefully placed throughout the area. Your guests will be able to navigate throughout your yard easily with pathway lighting, and you can adjust the illumination in certain areas based on the activity: bright for dancing, soft for a dinner party, and even colored lighting for themed parties. A comprehensive control system like Savant allows you to program different settings for different events so that a single touch of a button changes the lighting outside to make it perfect for each scenario.

Supplement the Daylight Hours

Just because the sun has set doesn’t mean you have to retreat inside. Use outdoor lighting to make your patio as bright and inviting as your indoor spaces. From cocktails on the verandah to an evening movie at your outdoor theater, the right outdoor lighting is sure to be useful during these warm summer months. With an intelligent lighting control system, your outdoor lights can even adjust automatically throughout the day; sensors will trigger lighting at just the right time when dusk makes it difficult to see outside.
Highlight Your Home’s Architecture and Landscaping.

During the evening hours, the unique features of your home blend together and go unnoticed. Fountains, topiaries, statues, and more are all practically invisible to evening visitors. With outdoor lighting, those architectural and landscape features become even more prominent than they are during the daytime.

Whether you want to improving your lighting indoors, outdoors, or in both areas, lighting control is an excellent option for enhancing your home’s décor and usefulness. Our home automation integrators are experts at finding the best spots for lighting and programming the control system that makes adjusting your lights a super simple process. To speak with us about the available lighting control solutions for your home, contact us today.