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Make Your Presentation Stand Out With Boardroom Technology

How to Add Commercial Audio Video to Your Conference Room

Make Your Presentation Stand Out With Boardroom Technology

Maybe you mainly use your boardroom for brainstorming sessions or video conferences, but when the day comes that you must make a high-stakes presentation, you’ll certainly want to be ready. Audiovisuals play a huge part of making your presentation a big success. Home Theatre Solutions can add boardroom technology - including microphone systems, projectors and screens, and automated controls – to your St. Albert, Alberta business so that you make the right impression and get the message clearly across.

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Microphone Systems

It can already be nerve wracking to be in front of a large audience. If your microphone doesn’t work or your group can’t hear you, the whole presentation could be unsuccessful. A high-quality microphone system is a must-have for a boardroom. You’ll certainly want to decide if you want a stationary microphone, a wireless headset, or wireless handheld mic. Or, you could have all 3 types on-hand so that anyone can choose their preference. Some people may want to have their hands free and walk around the room, while others may want to stay positioned at the podium. Record the speech, broadcast it to your remote listeners, and stream the audio to different rooms in your building. Our team can connect the microphone system to your room controls to make it easier to set up and manage as well.

Projectors and Screens

You certainly can gain more attention with audiovisuals. Add videos, images, and music to your presentation and your audience will not only pay more attention to you, but also remember what you have to say. The right projector and screen are essential components of any businesses presentation system. Traditionally, professionals have displayed their PowerPoint presentations on a large screen, however, today your audiovisuals should be able to support other programs as well like Adobe’s After Effects or other digital program. You’ll want a projector with a high lumen count and LCD or LED technology for brightness and high contrast for clarity. Pair it with a large high-contrast screen and your picture will be bright, rich in color and incredibly effective.

Boardroom Automation

Once you have your audio and video set up, make sure your environment is conducive for the occasion. Add motorized shades to the room to prevent your audience from squinting their eyes and seeing glare on the screen due to the sun. Use climate controls to pick a comfortable temperature that won’t be distracting, and make use of automated lighting to dim the room when it’s time to show a video or PowerPoint presentation. When you are the focus of the room and the star of the show, it’s crucial to have all the controls at your fingertips. With automation technology, you’ll appear confident, knowledgeable, and prepared.

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