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Savant Systems Helps You Monitor Your Home Energy Usage

Let the Experts at Home Theatre Solutions Show You How Smart Automation Can Help You Conserving Energy

Savant Systems Helps You Monitor Your Home Energy Usage

Standard heating and cooling are no longer the majority of a home’s energy use. Instead water heating, lighting, appliances, and electronics now account for a little more than half of a home’s total energy consumption. As the square footage of homes have increased so too does the electricity bill.

Are you a homeowner in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, or St. Albert? The folks at Home Theatre Solutions can show you how smart home automation can help you reduce your energy consumption and in turn cut costs.

Lighting to suit the way you live your life

According to a recent study, lighting accounts for 14% of a home’s electricity consumption. With automated lighting control homeowners can reduce electricity use through the type of light bulbs and fixtures in their home and by reducing the amount of time the lights are on. The hardware installed in the home can be further programmed to dim or turn lights on or off at a predetermined time. Use “sunset” and “sunrise” events to turn outside lights on and off.

Effortless energy savings

Heating and cooling your home can be expensive, especially if your HVAC system is running when it doesn’t need to be. As part of the Savant smart home system, the thermostat can react intelligently to changing conditions such as sunrise or sunset or the current season. Homeowners can set specific temperatures in each room to keep the whole family happy. By setting the thermostat back 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours, homeowners can save about 5 to 15% on their heating and cooling bills.

Remote access allows you to make adjustments to your home’s temperature even when you are away. Tie the thermostat into a smart meter to monitor energy use or automatically shut down the HVAC system during peak rates.

Window treatments equal efficiency

Homeowners can supplement their thermostat with other products that can be controlled through a home automation system. Motorized shades can be used to block out sunlight and keep the home from overheating during the summer months. During cooler months, custom programming can raise shades to capture daylight and sunshine. Since a Savant system knows exactly when the sun rises and sets every day year-round, homeowners won’t have to adjust the schedule as the days get shorter and longer.

Are you interested in learning more about smart home automation and energy management? Let the experts at Home Theatre Solutions guide you through the process of greening your home.