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Streamline Operations in Your Alberta Restaurant With Automation Technology

Use a Smart Control System to Run Your St. Albert Business

Streamline Operations in Your Alberta Restaurant With Automation Technology

When it comes to installing technology in your bar or restaurant, we’ve talked about high-quality audio and video solutions – such as distributed audio and 4K TVs – however, there is so much more you can do in your business in St. Albert, Alberta than just have a bunch of nice TVs and speakers installed. You may not know exactly how a smart system can revolutionize your operations. This blog will show you the possibilities.

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Smart Scenes for Every Application

The hospitality industry moves lightning fast. Staff, customers, and business is always changing. In such a fast-paced landscape, it’s even more important to focus on staying consistent – whether that’s in the quality of the food and drinks you provide, the service, or ambiance. Juggling staff, operations, and the day to day necessities of running an establishment is incredibly challenging which is why Home Theatre Solutions wants to help make managing your business super easy with new technology.

Get in Control

The first step to smoothing out your everyday operations is installing a smart control system, which ties your lighting, shading, audio, video, security, and HVAC controls together. It also gives you mobile access to all of your amenities so you can turn them off or on from any place, at any time. Open an app on your smartphone, tablet, or touch pad and simply choose the feature and location you want to control, like turning off the lights in the kitchen for example if a chef left one on. Not only can you access and control everything from a mobile device, but you can also create “scenes” so that different electronics turn on or off at the same time every day. Here are a few examples:

Morning Shift: It’s time for the morning crew to come in and start getting the breakfast menu rolling. The early shift manager comes in and hits “Morning Shift” on the touch screen mounted on the wall by the bar. Hitting this one button turns all the lights on to a mid-level setting (this allows you to save energy), raises the shades to let the sunlight in, the thermostat adjusts to a comfortable 73, the morning music playlist starts, and the TVs turn on the morning news. Not only does enacting this setting save your staff time, but it also simplifies the process. You don’t have to train employees how to work every single electronic feature in the building – they can do it all in one touch.

Diner: Hit the scene “diner” and instantly your dining room becomes a romantic and relaxing room that caters to patrons who are looking for an enjoyable night out. The lights dim low, the late night music playlist turns onto to play some smooth jazz or acoustic songs, and the TVs turn on the big game for the evening or a popular evening TV show. We can install different sections of lighting so that every area of your bar or restaurant can be at the right level – the kitchen will be bright for the chefs, the bar will be at a mid-level so the bartenders can see the drinks they are making, and the rest of the room is dimly lit to create a relaxing ambiance. By separating different zones of audio, you can control the songs that are playing and the volume levels.

Close: Shutting down your business is fast and easy with one-touch controls. Hit “close” and the lights turn off, the security system arms, and the thermostat raises the temperature to save energy. When you’re not at work, you can keep an eye on operations and monitor the building so that everything is safe using security cameras.

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