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The Best Controls for Your Custom Home Theatre

Use the Savant Remote for Customized Entertainment in Your Edmonton, AB Home

The Best Controls for Your Custom Home Theatre

In the past, all you needed for a home theatre system was a pair of good antennae to pick up all of the channels. Today, there are tons of video streaming sources to choose from, like CRAVE, iTunes, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast Video. All of those options and bulky hardware can make your living room or custom home theatre super cluttered. But the good news is that the latest technology can combine all of your video sources and put them in one convenient location—as well as get rid of all those remotes. Home Theatre Solutions has smart home systems for your Edmonton, Alberta residence that can simplify your space and make watching a movie or show a breeze. Continue reading to discover more.

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The New Savant Remote

We are excitedly anticipating the release of the new Savant Remote in Canada. This new technology will revolutionize your TV-watching experience. If you have four remotes on your coffee table right now, you can get rid of all of them and replace them with the new Savant Remote. This convenient handheld device has a high-definition touch screen that displays your favorite channels. You can touch the logo to access one, such as The Food Network, or even say it out loud to turn it on. Everyone in the house can also create his or her own user profile, so that when you go to relax in your home theatre, your favorites are saved on the home screen and you can easily go back to where you left off. User codes make your experience private too. With Savant lighting, you can even dim the lights in the room using the remote.

One-touch Controls

While it is nice to have an incredible remote in your hand, an in-wall keypad gives everyone even more quick and easy access to smart scenes. For example, we can customize a keypad in your dedicated home theatre so that you can hit a button called “movie mode” and the lights will dim, the shades will go down, and the screen and projector will prep for a relaxing night in. Choose other convenient scenes like “all on” or “all off” so you can quickly move in and out of the room. Savant allows you to get create with your controls and tailor them to all of your needs.

Mobile Access

A smart home system also allows you to stay connected to your home at all times through an app on your smartphone or tablet. Before you get home from work, choose the program you want to watch and start the “movie mode” scene before you even walk through the front door. Or, we could tie your system to the garage door opener so that when you pull into the driveway, your home theatre system turns on. Whether you are at home, or away, mobile access allows you to manage your home environment easily. And if you ever have trouble getting Internet access throughout your home, we can install a Wi-Fi network that is reliable and robust.

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