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The Best Smart Home Automation Products of 2015

Home Theatre Solutions Gives You a Recap of the Year in Home Technology

The Best Smart Home Automation Products of 2015

The New Year is almost here and it’s bringing us brand new products and smart home automation systems that are highly anticipated. But before we take a look on what’s up and coming, we would like to highlight the best systems and smart home products of 2015. Our partners are top-rated companies, and have been highly reviewed by customers. So if you are interested in buying a smart home in 2016, take a look at these systems that would be great for your St. Albert, Alberta home.

Best Lighting Control System: Vantage 
Vantage lighting control systems are highly rated and very reliable. They offer a wide range of lighting fixtures that meet your needs for design, beauty and budget. Since the system is versatile and flexible, we can customize the lighting solutions to each home. Round aperture down lights can match in-ceiling speakers so they look uniform. Or we can install low bay lighting or cylinders for more decorative flair. Vantage’s LED lighting uses state-of-the-art LED engines and drivers to give superior performance, color control, and value. Vantage systems are also energy efficient so you won’t waste electricity and save on your monthly utility bills. 
Best Smart Home Control System: Savant
Savant is one of the leading smart home systems and is highly praised by families across the country. The user interface is super easy to understand and use, and the controls can be customized to your daily lifestyle. Set the mood for dinner in advance by dimming the lights and making a music playlist, then bring the scene to life in one touch on your phone as guests enter the dining room. Create personal profiles in the system, so that you can save your preferences and automate them quickly, and even give limited access to visitors like babysitters or friends. The Savant app is compatible with some of the most popular smart products, like Sonos wireless music systems, so you can hook up your entire music library and streaming services fast and easy. With so many opportunities to create custom scenes and profiles, your smart home will truly feel uniquely yours.
Best Home Theater Projectors: Wolf Cinema
Wolf Cinema specializes in studio-quality picture and performance that produce images as the cinematographer intended in your home theater. These projectors have been designed for custom installations, systems integration, flexibility, longevity, and easy-to-use controls. Choose from projectors in high definition to the newest ultra-high definition 4K picture, 3D technology, and more. The SDCD-12 Ultra 4K Pro Scaler Projector for example, produces stunning film-like images that have deep contrast levels and great color renditions. 
If you would like to try out any of these systems, just fill out this online contact form. We can give you more details about the product and meet with you to understand more about exactly what you need and like.