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The Mirage Music Server Puts You in Full Control of All of Your Music

Home Theatre Solutions Explains the Benefits of the Cloud-based Media Player

The Mirage Music Server Puts You in Full Control of All of Your Music

The “cloud” continues to play an instrumental part in our everyday lives with the powers of cloud-based services seem to be only limited to our imaginations. At Home Theatre Solutions, we make it easy for anyone in Edmenton or Sherwood Park to take advantage of today’s cloud technology throughout your home with whole house audio and the Mirage Audio System. Mirage allows you to enjoy all of your favorite music and streaming services anywhere in your home. Engineered exclusively for custom integration, Mirage makes it easy to play music from several sources across multiple rooms. How can the world’s first cloud-based media server enhance your lifestyle? Let’s take a look.

Control From Any Device

The Mirage Audio System is a Media Player that allows you to enjoy all of your music and streaming services anywhere in your home. Hosting a party? Be the ultimate DJ and stream the most popular music services or queue up your own digital playlist from anywhere in the house. Wireless control allows you to play any audio from your device, without getting up to change controls. Simply press the AirPlay button in your favorite iOS music app and send it to any room in your house. Hip-Hop or Classical, Android or Apple, Mirage allows you to create the ultimate music experience with a single touch.

Several Sources, Multiple Rooms

Home Theatre Solutions and Mirage Audio allow you to distribute multiple streams of audio to several locations or sync one stream across every room. With a multi-room system, everybody gets exactly what they want, when they want it. Dad can listen to sports radio on the patio while mom relaxes to classical music in the bedroom, and the kids listen to the latest hits in your media room. As your needs grow, or preferences change, we make it easy to add additional speakers or rooms to your existing system. Home Theatre Solutions will handle your entire AV setup, including installation, programing, and the calibration of your new equipment.

Décor-Friendly Technology

We make sure that our multi-room sound systems not only provide a seamless listening experience, but that they never compromise your décor. We specialize in concealed wiring for flush-mounted and in-ceiling speaker systems that can be discreetly placed in every room in your home. Home Theatre Solutions helps you conceal as much of the gear as possible, with equipment closets and tucked-away racks for an easy- to-use system that is also easy on the eyes.

Building a home? Thinking about your audio system before the walls are installed is a great way to ensure that all wiring, cabling, and brackets can be put in place for a clean look when the home is finished.

At Home Theatre Solutions we make today’s technology work for you and offer systems to meet the needs of virtually any size home and any size budget.