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What are the Advantages to Investing in Upgrades to Your Boardroom?

Alberta and Edmonton Integrator makes boardroom technology installations a breeze

What are the Advantages to Investing in Upgrades to Your Boardroom?

Effortless meetings lead to enhanced user experience and reflect directly on your business. Imagine you’re pitching to a potential client, waiting for telecommuters to call-in, or hosting a board of directors meeting; the critical component is the user experience. People walk into a boardroom to communicate, connect, and collaborate and the environment should take into account the space, the audience, and the technology. While many companies have invested in upgrades at individual workspaces, fewer have extended that investment into the boardroom.

Home Theatre Solutions can create an exceptional user experience with an integrated boardroom allowing you to hold more effective meetings. The right tools and technology are essential for a fully functional boardroom.

Flat Screens and Projection Systems

Ensure you engage more clients whether they are seated in the boardroom or miles away with screens that are capable of delivering remarkable picture and sound quality. Projection systems come in various sizes and levels of sophistication. Hiring a professional installation team is key to your system’s performance and your success in the boardroom.

Audio Systems and Video Conferencing

Don’t subject your meeting participants to inferior audio or video. Instead, optimize the sound environment with high performance speakers from Bay Audio and invest in a customized video conferencing system allowing you to host “face-to-face” meetings with people from around the globe.

Control Systems

Turn you tablet, smartphone, or HDTV into a personalized control system with Savant and manage a range of electronic equipment (audio, video, projection, lighting, screens, blinds and security) from a single location.

Lighting and Window Treatments

Want optimal lighting conditions throughout every stage of your next meeting? Intelligent lighting and shade systems can accommodate for sun exposure, increasing comfort and eliminating glare all while conserving energy and equaling cost savings.

Let Home Theatre Solutions complete your boardroom technology installation and make your next meeting one your clients and customers will remember.